Speeding Rolls Out Incident Command Surcoat Set to Fire Services


Speedings Limited has recently won a tender to supply over 300 Incident Command Surcoat sets to Clare County Fire & Rescue against stiff competition.

Established in 1827 and one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the City of Sunderland, Speedings Limited supplies high quality, often bespoke equipment to over 90% of the UK fire services. Specialising in PPE and innovative product design has recently seen them succeed in securing a tender for Clare County Fire & Rescue. The tender originated via Clare County Council who was the contracting authority on behalf of the Department of the Environment Heritage and the local Irish Government.
The Incident Commander Surcoat sets include a reversible Incident Commander/Sector Commander Surcoat, a Safety Officer Surcoat, a Command Support Surcoat and an Operations Commander Surcoat. The sets come in an easy to carry PVC bag which includes 3 extra badges: water officer, decontamination officer, and foam officer.
This innovative total solution was created to accommodate the varied types of incidents that fire fighters now have to attend, where often the extent and exact circumstances surrounding the incident might be unknown until arrival at the scene. The set instantly allows the fire officer to be identified at almost any fire incident, in addition to offering long term cost effectiveness due to the multi-utility of the set.
Each Surcoat is kitted out with Reflexite’s retro-reflective material, ensuring maximum visibility as well as conforming to the required European standards. Rob Hammal, Director at Speedings comments “We worked alongside Reflexite on this project and our decision to use their retro-reflective material guarantees the very best and brightest in performance and identification, maintaining the extremely high standard of quality and safety of the sets. When tendering, we wanted to provide the highest quality PPE solution as possible, with ease of use being an important factor.” The sets are CE approved (EN471 and EN531) for fire resistance and can be made for any fire service.
Company profile Reflexite:

It took more than the invention of micro-prismatic retro-reflective technology to make Reflexite a global market leader. Sustained development over the years and a performance driven mission to provide solutions for high visibility under any conditions. This is how Reflexite became the industry reference.
Other brands have attempted – in vain – to reproduce Reflexite’s technology. But other companies simply cannot match Reflexite’s devotion to its customers and to the quality of its technology. The company’s vision of success sets a standard with its long term commitment to saving lives.
Reflexite is especially dedicated to protecting those people who risk their lives every day – driving ambulances, controlling road traffic, ensuring user safety in all areas of activity from the maritime industry to the leisure industry, because their safety depends on their visibility. That’s the bright idea Reflexite stays focused on. Rain or shine, day and night.

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