Speedings Ltd. is helping the UK’s emergency services during Covid-19

How Speedings is helping emergency services during this time?

When Coronavirus hit the UK we decided to help the national emergency by making gowns for the NHS. This was a major part of the PPE required urgently, and we were keen to help wherever we could. This left us with only skeleton staff on our Emergency Service work, but they all understood and approved of our choice. As time has gone on however we have brought in more staff and are now able to get back to producing the goods required by the emergency Services, as well as the NHS gowns. We are beginning to catch up and are looking to provide our normal service going forward, as well continue to make the gowns to help the NHS.

What is Speedings doing to protect staff & customers during this time?

We are not currently letting anyone who doesn’t work in the factory on site, for the staff and customer protection. We have screened off with clear PVC all the sewing machines and issued extra guidance and PPE to all employees.

Changes to working hours or availability?

We are staggering start, breaks and finish times as per Government guidance. We are however back up to full speed and actually have about 10 more employees than before lockdown.

Changes to manufacturing/delivery times?

Due to a big part of our production now dedicated to making NHS gowns our ordinary goods are taking longer than normal, about 6 to 8 weeks.

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