We have recently began to manufacture Stillage’s and reusable packing in order to adapt our Production even further to suit any individual’s specifications.

We manufacture a range of Stillage’s and reusable packaging that are most commonly used for the transportation of automotive parts and products. They are designed specifically for external use for example, a numerous amount of shipments. This in itself is a benefit, as it reduces transportation costs, by not including the cost of each and every individual packed item, it requires a minimal packing time and ensures there is additional space.

We are able to either manufacture these products according to designs we are given by customers, or we would work closely with our customers in order to design a product that will meet the specific criteria.

  • Stillage’s are manufactured from welded steel box section to provide a reusable frame.
  • They can be spray painted or coated to customer’s specifications.
  • The Stillage itself can be marked with any information required such as, product or factory information for another clear indication of identity.

If you require any additional information or have queries regarding our Stillage’s, please feel free to contact us via our Bespoke and Custom tab or our contact details are indicated in our Contact Us section.